YaleSafe PC Tips updated 20151228

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PC Basics
Changing Screen Resolution
Copy and Paste
Drag and Drop
Save Picture As
Save Picture (easy)
Select with Shift (aka Extending the End point)
Set Wallpaper
Switch Windows
Troubleshooting in Windows, e.g. playlist link not working
Windows over the Edge

Computer Installation - checklist

Google search trick
Reverse Dictionary
Found New Hardware wizard
How to Capture Screenshots in Windows Media Player
OPEN a new window ON TOP
How to Generate a List of Filenames
How to type accented letters, like , , , , , , , and
A nice way to print an email on Hotmail
Deleting History
Modem Test
New Browser Window (Ctrl-F6)
Remember Passwords (don't use Auto Complete)
Remote Assistance (the short version)
Remote Assistance (with pictures)
Special Characters
Stop Wasting Color Ink - print black and white
Switch to DOS
SPAM - the ultimate solution using Outlook
SPAM - the ultimate solution using Hotmail and Mailnull
Virus Avoidance
Wav Files
Winzip functions
Word Perfect file conversion to MS-Word
How to Generate a List of Mailing Addresses
Clicking a link in Outlook Express doesn't work for you?
How to add an email account to Outlook