Wizard of Oz

On New Year's Eve, at that point in the evening when everything seems funny, we decided to over dub the sound track for selected scenes from the movie, "Young Frankenstein." We had so much fun, we decided to take on a bigger project and six weekends later we finished. We replaced the entire sound track of "The Wizard of Oz." As a finishing touch, I dubbed selected portions of the video with the graphics you see below. Now, the grandchildren can enjoy a Where's Waldo puzzle by looking for their zany Zayde and his wonderful friends.

"Any madness to fill the void" -- I remain, Yale ... click here to watch a trailer

Maureen as Dorothy

Maureen as Dorothy

Billy the Scarecrow

Billy the Witch

Kitty as Glinda

Kitty as Tinman

Yale the Lion

Yale the Wizard

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