Thanksgiving... Our special holiday

Some people remember what year things happened by relating them to some special life event. "Wasn't that right after David's Bar Mitzvah." Well, while I was looking through some old photos, I thought we could probably tell the date things happened just by noticing what house we were living in. And that gave me an idea for this family quiz.


Do you remember how many houses we've lived in? Including the ones we rented, bought, or places where we just hung out? In fact, we notified the Post Office so many times about a change of address, they developed a special form just for us. There were 16 official moves. Listed below is everything but the street name. Can you fill in the blanks?

01. 5428 --------- STREET in PHILADELPHIA
02. 374 ---- AVENUE in BALA CYNWYD
03. 717 --------- ROAD in Penn Valley
04. 61 -------- ROAD in ARDMORE condo
05. 2 -------- AVENUE in NARBERTH
06. ----- ---- INN, RTE 7 in EAST DORSET VT (restaurant)
07. The ----- House in PAWLET VT (log cabin)
08. 378 ---- AVENUE in (Moyer's)
09. 1 ---------- AVE #109 in BALA CYNWYD (apartment)
10. 416 ------- DRIVE in (Exton)
11. ------------ APTS in PHILADELPHIA (apartment)
12. 413 ------- ROAD in NARBERTH
13. 6562 ------ ----- CIRCLE in VA (Braun's)
14. 21385 ----------- ROAD in (new house) VA
15. 29-4 ------ ROAD in DREXEL HILL (apartment)
16. 717 ------ LANE in WAYNE


Very early in our marriage, Nina and I faced the painful problem that holidays impose on all newly weds. Whose family do you visit? His or hers? And when do we as a family start to celebrate on our own? Well, Nina came up with a very practical solution. The solution not only helped our immediate problem, but it would also help our kids as they became married adults and had to deal with the same questions. We declared Thanksgiving to be "Our Holiday." As our children met their potential significant others, they had to include this additional vow... Love, Honor, and Cherish, and spend Thanksgiving with Nina and Yale. The kids could split their time for all the other holidays anyway they wanted to, for the rest of the year. But Thanksgiving was our day. And them's the rules. (Thank you for your cooperation.)

And because we've honored Nina's wishes for all these years, and because we've moved so often, having Thanksgiving every year has sometimes presented quite a challenge. Like 1985... we moved to Narberth in November 1985, and even though we had just moved in and were still unpacking with less than one month before the holiday, Nina said, "You've got to replace all the kitchen counter tops." And then there was the overnight trip you all made for one year in Virginia. And that was followed the next year by the Thanksgiving buffet in our one bedroom apartment in Drexel Hill.

Well, here's part two of our quiz. For each of the following photos from Thanksgivings Past, can you tell which house we were living in? I've cropped the photos, but left a clue in each shot.

Kitchens. Kitchens. What house were we living in?

A. buffet

B. turmoil

C. crackers

D. dishes

E. pasta

F. sunflour

G. veggies

H. spiz_rak

Part 3. MOUTHS

The following pictures might be referred to as "a shot in the mouth" or strictly in "bad taste." But here's what really happened. I cut and cropped these frames from video tapes which were taken during our Thanksgiving day feasts. It should be no surprise, but everyone was eating at the time. And that's the common denominator for all these pictures. While I cropped the photos to make it puzzling, I think I left enough for you to determine... Who's mouth belongs to whom?

A. 2plates

B. crumbs

C. fingers

D. fork_it

E. ghost

F. gum_chew

G. hot_soup

H. locket

I. nibble

J. say_ahhh

K. scream

L. shovel

M. slurp

N. thumbs

O. tongue

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Copyright Yale Schwartz, 1997