Pick-Up-Sticks for Adults

Ever wonder if "pick-up-sticks" had value for adults?

It paid off for me today.
When your tree has suffered a winter storm...
and some limbs have broken off,
but some are just low hanging ...

And the ends of the ones that are low hanging ...
are tangled up with the ones that have broken off ...
and you want to cut the low hanging, dangling ones off.

But you don't know if they're still attached
and will spring up ...
or if they'll fall straight down.

So for safety's sake you must decide to stand ...
inside the tree line (if they spring up)
or outside the tree line (if they fall down).

That's when your expertise at "pick-up-sticks" comes in handy.
I was good at pick-up-sticks as a kid,
and I didn't get injured today.

A Pick-Up-Sticks puzzle for adults

Copyright Yale Schwartz, 2011