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My Projects...

Proust is to Madeleine as Yale is to Square Cup
A Brief History of "THE LOOK"

The Case Against Kavanaugh - reporting rape
Medicare for All - Single Payer logic

And THEN the Fight Started!

How I lost 90 pounds easily (with no exercise)
.. diet - The Whole Story
.. diet - More Dieting Tips
.. diet - Tips on Salads
.. diet - Foods that Help You Lose Weight

A Visit to the Cemetery
Just Another Day
Yale's School Days

All Hallow's Eve, thank you
All Hallow's Eve, the movie

Momma Stories (a work in progress)
"A Mother's Prayer" (midi)

New rules since we left High School
My Life is a Sitcom

Wild Life in Our Backyard

"What Do I Do Now?" (the play)
"What Do I Do Now?" (slideshow)

"What Do I Do Next?" (the play)

A Bush in a Bucket
Yale's NameGame Page
"Uglylocks and the Three Bears"
"Uglylocks" the video by Yale Schwartz"
"Wizard of Oz"
Esther's Bday card

Rose's Dilemma
An Angel in the Park - poster
An Angel in the Park - headshots
An Angel in the Park - stage shots
A Park Bench
The 3 Little Pigs, by Zeyda (audio)

"The Lucy O'Donnell Story"
"Three Wise Guys"

Projects by or about Family Members...

2018 Michael screens "Complicit" at Rehoboth Beach Jewish Film Festival
2012 "All Heart" by Lynda
2011 "Less Is More" - a tribute to Adam by Lynda
2011 Michael's Stoop Story, "I do!"
2010 Sarah as young Hattie in Follies
2009 Happy SAHD (Michael Schwartz) ... webpage
2009 Happy SAHD (Michael Schwartz) ... trailer

2009 Bertha's Closet by Lynda
2008 Friends No Matter What by Nathaniel
2008 The Bubby Club by Lisa
2007 Sarah's Bday at the Japanese Tea House
2007 "Brandon the Firefighter" by Carol
2006 "Balance Your Schedule" by Sarah

2005 "A Soaking Rain" ... written by Yale, inspired by Lisa
2005 "OCA - Obsessive Compulsive Asset" ... written by Lisa, inspired by Yale

2008 "Getting to Know Me" by Zeyda (a quick bio in my own defense)
2003 "My Grandfather" by Cody
2001 "Zeyda" according to Nicky

Cody’s Sense of Humor
Nicky’s Sense of Humor
Bree's Stories
Nat's Projects

Momma's Furniture
Nina's jewelry


Our Thanksgiving Quiz
...History of Homes
...Kitchen Answers
...Mouth Answers

Our House and Home projects...

Pick-Up-Sticks for adults
Hemlock Woolly Adelgids in Your Trees?
Home Made - Weed Be Gone
What is the sound of one tree falling?
Why the lights went out?
413A our biggest undertaking

Memories of Hazleton and Philadelphia...

A Man Bought a Horse (speaking to influence people)
Harmen-Geist Stadium - a cultural art center
Bubby's Grocery Store
Courtyard at 4506 Walnut
Playing Baseball on a Football Field
Playing Baseball across from a Garage
To Ricky: Do you look your age?

Do you remember...

...our trip to Canada and The Vermont Inn - coming soon
...Michael's great fit of laughter - coming soon
...how we discovered Manchester Center
...our songs
...pennies in a stream?
...sitting by the fire?
...our first Valentine's Day?
...the rest of the Valentine's Day story
...our honeymoon trip to Cape Cod

Dog Stories...

...Patty in the basement
...Shayna Wanders Off

The Final Chapters...

RAK-Making Nina Smile