Just Another Day

September 2013. While I was eating breakfast, I noticed a few leaves falling to the ground. One by one they fell as if they were taking turns in an Olympic diving contest. This one fluttered, that one spun, and a third one did the helicopter dive. At first it reminded me of that wonderful day when Brianna and I played “catch a falling leaf” in the backyard. We made up a song to encourage the leaves to fall and Brianna impressed me with how fast she could run to the far end of the yard to catch them.

Next thing I knew I had started humming the tune to the song "Autumn Leaves" ...

The falling leaves drift by my window ...

I haven't sung that song in quite a while. Hey, this might be a good song for me to sing at Karaoke.

The autumn leaves, all red and gold

The melody fits my vocal range, and my voice sounds nice hitting the low notes. Not quite sure about the lyrics, I continued singing but now it was as if I was hearing the words for the first time.

I see your face? something, something...
Since you went away, the days grow long

And now I'm crying uncontrollably ... "the days grow long" ... and my thoughts keep wandering.
Every day is a life sentence in solitary confinement ... but the nights are unbearable.

But I miss you most of all, my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

But it’s not “most of all” just because it's autumn ... for me it's every day.

This is just another day without you.

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