What does this tune remind you of?


They say, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."
We hear, "Here we are again - marking time."

They say, "How've you been?"
We hear, "How long is your sentence?"

They say, "What's new?"
We hear, "How do you pass the time?"

We used to live full productive, happy, lives.
But that's shot. So, what's left?
...short term, focused projects,
...high energy demands, ...constant diversions

They hear us laugh and think,
"They're finally getting over it."

We hear our own intense laughter, and we know
this is our cover for the hysteria.
Hysteria that wants to scream,
"My GOD, I'm so alone. It hurts to breathe."

But we know they can't tolerate our misery.
So, we smile and say,

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..."
"...the same to you."


You ask, "Do you love me, anyway?"
I smile and say, "No. I love you everyway."

      - from Yale to Nina

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Copyright Yale Schwartz, 2003