Zeyda according to Nicky

November 11, 2001



My grandpa’s name is Yale. When he was a little kid, he had no nickname, now his grandkids call him Zeyda; this is the Jewish name for grandfather. He was born in Hazelton, PA on April 5, 1944. He grew up in Hazelton and enjoyed playing outside. His favorite subject in school was math. He had a job washing windows with his dad. His earliest memories include writing math problems on his wall with chalk.


          My grandfather attended 4 years of collage at Temple University and studied mathematics. His first job was as a computer programmer. He chose this work because someone said computers were going to be the thing of the future.


          He first met his wife in 1966 in Wynnefield. He did not go to war but he did work for Boeing. The happiest time in his life was getting married. He really enjoys taking videos of his family and editing them. He makes home movies and we are all the actors.


          His major accomplishments were raising a family and developing software-testing techniques.