The Bubby Club

By Lisa Fisher



The only requirement to become a bubby is easy to remember, you must be a Jewish grandmother.I live with my mother, who is a bubby.I will tell you about all of the neat things that


What is a Bubby Club?

How do you join?


Is it a secret society
or a cult?


they do.They check in by phone with each other every day.


When a member has a birthday, she picks out her favorite restaurant.The bubbies celebrate her birthday by having dinner there.The members that attend (except the birthday girl) pay the bill and tip.Yesterday Helen turned 92 and the bubbies ate dinner at the Tavern, which is in Bala Cynwyd.


They all share stories about the good and bad things their memberís familyís experience.They advise each other on how they have handled similar situations.†† They celebrate the good times together and comfort each other when bad things happen.My mother is not the only bubby that has a family member who deals with mental health issues on a daily basis.


They help each other with transportation i.e. my mother drives and owns a car or one memberís nephew or sister will give one a ride so they see a movie, visit together, or go to schul.When food shopping if one sees a popular item on sale they will buy more than one and share the wealth.