Single Payer - logic

=== SINGLE PAYER - logic
The current method requires that ...
Everyone must carry health insurance or pay a penalty.

Simple LOGIC indicates that ...
If everyone must pay, then we should simply raise taxes to pay for it and
Everyone gets covered with no penalty processing costs required.

Remove the enormous corporate profit and everybody saves.

Follow this simple example

Medicare = $110.00 per month covers 80%
Supplemental = $252.25 per month covers 20%

To increase Medicare to cover the remaining 20% requires a 25% increase. The 25% increase is only $27.50 more per month instead of $252.25 per month for the Supplemental insurance.

I would have to pay additional income tax of $27.50 per month. But I would save $252.25 per month.
Annual savings = $2697.00

So, although my taxes increase, my insurance cost decrease by a lot more.

Why do insurance companies charge twice as much to cover 1/4 the cost?
It's called exorbitant profit.

Math and logic presented by,
Yale Schwartz

Copyright Yale Schwartz, 2017