Getting to know me (2011)





I married Nina in 1968. She was a widow with 5 children. When we married the kids were 13, 11, 9, 7, and 3. A year later we added child number 6.



Flash ahead 40 years and we find the 5 oldest kids are married. We all live within a half hour of each other. Our youngest, number 6 is single, and lives in Baltimore. We now have 14 grandchildren.



And these three came along after 2002.



Our whole family gets together on Thanksgiving and it's always at our house. Everyone pitches in to make the meal. This year we had 29 people in attendance.


I've worked in the computer field all my life and retired in 2006.



Since Nina died in 1997, I spend all my time "keeping busy" on a variety of projects - doing anything I can find that motivates me enough to stay in this world.


Rather than working full time, I began working contract computer jobs and have worked on several e-commerce web sites, Internet Radio, international currency conversion, security and fraud, and cable TV.


I also provide tutorials and seminars on software testing and Im planning to publish a manual entitled, "YaleSafe Software Testing Methodology."


On the creative side, in addition to keeping up our family website I've produced several biographical documentaries (one for Lucy, one for Aunt Shirley, and one for Bill and Maureen). I outlined a renovation project for a TV segment on HGTV's program "Our House and Home," developed an interactive quiz called NameGame which is playable via Internet or on TV through your DVD player. I also generated a cartoon called "Uglylocks and the Three Bears" which premiered at the Bryn Mawr theater (its also available on YouTube. In 2008 I was an assistant director for the Neal Simon play, "Rose's Dilemma" which ran at Footlighter's Theater in Berwyn. And this year (2011) I finally finished writing an autobiographical romantic comedy entitled, What Do I Do Now? which I performed at the Barnstormers Theater in Ridley Park.



Odd Jobs: window washer, supermarket cashier, encyclopedia sales, busboy/waiter

Blackjack: developed count system, professional player, trainer

Real Estate: renovated eight homes and managed three rental properties

Handyman: electricity, plumbing, heating, carpentry, paint and paper

Proprietor: Games & Goodies, coffee shop

Tutor: math, science, reading and writing techniques

Tax expertise: personal, real estate, and small business

Married 30 years, raised six children and entertained 14 grandchildren

Videographer: shooting and editing, audio and video dubbing (Wiz of Oz)


I love to visit Vermont whenever possible.

My mother is my houseguest during the summer. On her visit this year she broke her shoulder. Shes very entertaining. So much so that Ive started writing material for a new comedy series called, Email from Momma.




Copyright Yale Schwartz, 2008