Pasta, portion size


It's difficult to measure how much pasta to make whether you're cooking just for yourself or for your whole family. That's why I know you'll appreciate this tip. Here's what you do...

Cook the whole box.
Eat however much you'd like.
But then, after dinner...

Drizzle a bit of olive oil on the leftover pasta (the oil keeps 'em from getting sticky)
Divide the leftovers into single serving portions
And store these portion in small plastic (lunch size) baggies.

Next time you want to eat some pasta...
There's no time wasted on cooking.
Dump however many frozen portions you want into a colander and spray them with hot water.
They're ready to eat and they taste like you just cooked 'em.

Use them with pasta sauce or in a cold salad.

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Copyright Yale Schwartz, 2009