Moroccan Chicken by Sara Levin Pearlman



Cut up a chicken into pieces...either big or will decide which you prefer after the 1st time you make it.  Then brown in a deep pan till brown.  If you like garlic...ken is allergic, so I don't...but if you do, crush some garlic first and brown lightly before the chicken goes in....


Take the chicken out, and sauté a lot of chopped not brown.  Add a lot of large-chopped red and/or green peppers and cook slowly until a bit soft...add more olive oil if necessary. You can add mushrooms, too, if you want.  Then add about 3/4 of a large can of Italian tomatoes in puree---Redpack is good.  Mush up the tomatoes to make a sauce.  Add some cumin, ground coriander--most important, cinnamon, salt and pepper, and then simmer till it's rich and saucy.    Yum. Goof with rice. It's sort of Moroccan, even though I invented it.  You can also add some pitted black or green olives, too.   I forgot...add some capers to the sauce.  After you eat the chicken, if you have a lot of sauce left, it is fantastic over pasta.


Oh, I forgot...add a bit of bay leaf, too