Making Nina Smile

These stories are destined to appear in a larger work subtitled something like "Distractions To Occupy Your Time While Sitting In The Dentist’s Office or Waiting To Die."

RAK001 (earrings) - How it all started

Some people refer to this “thing” I do as "Random Acts of Kindness." But I think of it as "Making Nina Smile." ... Here's how it all started.
RAK006 (santa) - Santa Comes to Borders

You can’t just hand money to strangers – it puts them off.
You’re in a bookstore in a narrow passage at the end of a long row of bookshelves. A huge stranger with long hair and a bushy beard is coming towards you. Do you think Santa? … or Satan?
RAK019 - Applebee's Gift Certificate

Did you ever get an email that promised you something absurd? When I get them from people I know, I educate them. But when I got one from a complete stranger, well, it ticked me off. I had to do something about that.
RAK021 (crutches) - The Lady in the parking lot

A woman on crutches was standing behind the station wagon I parked next to. She was precariously balancing herself while maneuvering to get a signal strong enough to make a call on her cell phone.
RAK028 - Godiva chocolates

I went to Staples to buy some paper for my computer printer... 'twas an exercise in comparison shopping.
RAK041 - Trading Seats

I was at the Montgomery Theater when I observed a kindness and felt inspired.

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