My Life is a Sitcom
by Yale Schwartz

I'm not sure how to introduce this collection of stories since I'm just starting it. So for now let's just call it a random collection of memories I'd like to share.

Jose and Jose

The house needed to be painted.
A good handyman knows when to hire professionals.
Just be sure to get recommendations
A Not-So-Handyman and a Downspout

A basketball game, a house hunting episode, a camping trip, a minor home repair ...
an unfortunate sequence of events
Handymen and Their Wives

She knew my track record as a handyman and she warned me not to use Krazy Glue.
But, come on, what harm could I do?
Change of Address (COA), a simple task ... NOT!

I'd received a Medicare Summary Notice for my mother at my home address when it should have been sent to my sister's home where Mom is now living in Florida. So, I called Medicare to submit a Change Of Address request.
... a simple task, What could possibly go wrong?
On a Toboggan

Nina and I went to the Concord with Edith and Teck for a winter's vacation. We didn't know till we got there that the Concord was undergoing a transition from being a resort to being a timeshare. On that particular weekend, we were the only paying customers. Everyone else was there enjoying a free weekend in exchange for sitting through a sales pitch. "At least we didn't have to sit through those meetings." But there was little else to do. The staff was cut to the minimum, so we had to make our own fun.
And that's how we were introduced to ... the Toboggan (audio).
eXamine Your Zipper ... PDQ!

Pardon me... but I thought you'd want to know, "Your slip is showing."
That might be a proper thing to say to a lady.

But what do you say if you see a fellow's fly is open?
And what if there are other people nearby who might hear you?
And what if you don't really like this fellow.

Well, Ron was not a likeable fellow!      So I was in a quandary.
Kate Meets the Mummy

Halloween has always been one my favorite holidays. And it so happened that it was on Halloween when I first met my daughter to be.

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