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=== FILM Auditions

Lloyd as Rick in RestStop

Yale as Dr. Patterson in These Honored Dead
Yale as Gene in Sub Rosa
Yale as Hank in Made Vicious
Yale as Robert in Made Vicious
Yale as Ian McKellen look-alike

=== Household Tips and Cool Links

Colonial Village Handymen Services .. Right Click and "Save Link as"
How to Clean Flat Screen TV
How to Clean Streak from Windshield
How to get rid of ants
DVD Players little known features for music and photos
Links to MANY Cool Sites

=== Photo Naming

A file naming convention for those of us who collect digital photos
is long overdue. This convention makes it easy to locate photos even
years after you've saved them.

1. Syntax - file names for your photo files
2. Rename files you've scanned or dumped from your digital camera (coming soon)
3. Add simple or detailed captions (coming soon)

=== All things YaleSafe

Yale's Rant on Universal Health Care
My KARAOKE song titles
Open my KARAOKE webpage - complete with photos
Open my SWING DANCE webpage - complete with photos and video
Open my UKULELE Strum & Sing webpage
Surgery without a Scalpel
YaleSafe Software Testing Methodology (coming soon)
Yale's Professional Resume
Yale's Entertainer Resume
YaleSafe PC Tips
Job Search websites

Yale's Basic Blackjack Strategy
The Search for an Odd Perfect Number Is Over
The SPHERES problem
The SPHERES solution
Viral Riddle

=== Yale's Game and Quizes

NameGame ... visual puzzles
Will Shortz puzzles
SoundsLike Quiz
What Time Is Midnight

=== Movies

Index of home movies (as .htm)
Index of home movies (MS-Word)

Favorite Movies - new
Favorite Movies - sorted by rating
Favorite Movies - sorted by title

=== Humor

Esther playing Mahjong
A Collection of Funny Stuff
Where do pets come from?
Aziz Ansari 6 min video

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