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=== FILM Auditions

Introduction to the next two clips.
Yale Schwartz as Marshall Hunter
Marshall is a golf pro, but today he's having a heart attack.
Marshall in the hospital
Marshall is confused and he rips out his IV tube.

Yale as the Badass Rabbi
The Rabbi is conduction a funeral service for Schlomo.

Yale as Elderly Man
A member of Mamaw's church, who requests prayer for his dying brother.

Yale as Preacher
The preacher at Mamaw's church. He is not a zealot or a "yelling pastor". He exudes kindness & warmth.

Yale as Uncle Massey in Wake
Uncle Massey is toasting Shawn at his wake in the Bruce Willis movie called Wake.

Yale as Judge Ramage in Rightful
Ramage is a Southern bigot who enjoys dishing out harsh sentences.

Yale as Sheriff in Wake
This bad-ass Sheriff is about to taze Red Forester in the Bruce Willis movie called Wake.

Yale as Morrie in Fatal Beauty
Morrie (90's), stooped and shuffling with the aid of a cane. Last of the old time borscht-belt comedians.

Yale as Charles in Flasher
Charles: Older gentleman, sharing worldly wisdom as a mentor to a 16 year old blossoming woman.

Yale as Franklin in Mary 4 Mayor
Franklin: wiry male 70ís, hint of on-setting frailty, lives in an old-age home; has a pet ferret.

Yale as Dr. Patterson in These Honored Dead
Dr. Patterson: Southern doctor; drinks to excess, talking to his daughter (she killed a man) .

Yale as Gene in Sub Rosa
Gene: wealthy casino patron, hot tempered; had an incident with this Blackjack dealer.

Yale as Hank in Made Vicious
Hank: sleeping in a doorway; off camera man and woman try to roust him.

Yale as Jim in Made Vicious
Jim telling his son-in-law his marriage is over (Robert's on the phone in the other room).

Yale as Ian McKellen look-alike

Yale as Rabbi Yossi in BLACKHAT
Rabbi Yossi is chatting with Shmuel after morning prayers.
Lloyd as Jay in BLACKHAT
While his wife is away, Shmuel takes on a different persona. Here he's chatting with Jay.

Lloyd Booker in the film ETHICS
Lloyd Booker as Floyd
Lloyd Booker as IPhone Guy
Lloyd Booker as Lester
Lloyd Booker as Prowler
Lloyd Booker as Rondelle
Lloyd Booker, Sargent Dane
Lloyd Booker, The Island slate
Lloyd Booker, The Island good tall man
Lloyd Booker slate for 12 STONE
Lloyd Booker as Rev Frank in 12 STONE
Lloyd Booker, Fatal Beauty - Boss John
Lloyd Booker, Fatal Beauty - Lt. Burwell
Lloyd Booker, Fatal Beauty - Site Foreman
Lloyd as Rick in RestStop
Lloyd & Friends in "Oceans 11"

=== Household Tips and Cool Links

Colonial Village Handymen Services .. Right Click and "Save Link as"
How to Clean Flat Screen TV
How to Clean Streak from Windshield
How to get rid of ants
DVD Players little known features for music and photos
Links to MANY Cool Sites

=== Photo Naming

A file naming convention for those of us who collect digital photos
is long overdue. This convention makes it easy to locate photos even
years after you've saved them.

1. Syntax - file names for your photo files
2. Rename files you've scanned or dumped from your digital camera (coming soon)
3. Add simple or detailed captions (coming soon)

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=== Humor

Esther playing Mahjong
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Aziz Ansari 6 min video

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