DVD players little known features

Play music and display photos on your TV

If you've been storing digital photos or collecting mp3 music on your hard drive, hopefully you've realized by now that you should burn these files to CDs or DVDs as a backup (in case your hard drive dies and you lose all your family photos).

Now that may seem like a lot of work and a thankless chore, but here's the good news.

Most DVD players (less than 5 years old) can display photos and play music (jpg images and mp3 music). Being able to view your photos on your television is a much more pleasant experience that dragging your guests to your computer room to see your latest vacation photos.

And if you keep your photos (and music) in aptly named folders, you'll be able to control which ones to play by navigating to the proper folder. Yes, you heard me correctly. Your DVD player will display folder names and filenames when you insert a computer generated disk. And I'm not talking about having to buy some special software to build the disk. I'm talking about a standard disk that you generated by simply copying files and folders to it.

Go ahead and TRY IT!
Take any disk you've already generated with computer files and stick it in your DVD player. Your player will ignore any document files or text files. And it will display a navigable screen showing the folders and filenames that it supports.

By the way, your DVD player supports photos and music stored on CDs equally well.


P.S. If your DVD player is too antiquated to support this feature, go buy yourself a new one. You can get a Memorex DVD player at K-Mart for $30.

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