A Park Bench
Aunt Shirley hits the boards

The Cast

Due to a last minute change in the schedule Karen had to drop out after months of rehearsals.
We thank Aunt Shirley immensely for filling the void, but we also miss Karen and appreciate her efforts.

Andrew Wales, Elaine Strzelecki, Julie Lacontora, Judi Wales with Charlie, Shirley Shapiro, Yale Schwartz
Cathy Fallon, David Richman, Lisa Panzer, Jim Hulme, Karen Sarkassion

Look! A sale on creamed corn

Who will hear me?

"We are not following what you are saying

Just call Jerry, Hilda!

Nikki, I Love You

Who you callin' stupid

The voice behind the curtain

Two widows and two ghosts

A bouquet for Shirley

Happy Birthday, Bruce

A few shots from rehearsal

An earlier rehearsal

At the Cast Party

Julie, Yale, and Michael (our videographer)

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