Brianna's Stories

I kid-sit for Brianna from time to time. Perhaps it's better if I say she keeps me company from time to time, because I'm the one who's entertained and educated by the experience.

2017.0407   Love by Brianna

This is an interesting work and it's all about Love. It can be read from left to right or down the left column and then down the right.
2015.1201   Profound chat with Brianna

Kid-sitting with Brianna is always a treat. But this time it was, in fact, profound.
2012.0703   You don't look Yiddish

I don't remember exactly how this came about. I must have said something and used a Yiddish expression. Bree asked me what that meant and I said, "It's a Yiddish expression."

"What's Yiddish," she asked.
"That's a Jewish language," I explained.

"Oh?" she said, "There are some Yiddish people in our family?"
2010.1030:   Moira's Birthday Party (audio)

2010:   After working a project with Lynda, it was only fair that I spend some time with Bree. So, I read her the story of Moira's Birthday Party. And if you click this link, you can hear the story, too.
2010.0918:   Bree and Zeyda catching leaves (audio)

2010:   Kid-sat with Bree here at the house. We spent the whole time outside. The highlight of our day was a new game I invented called, "Catch a falling leaf." We'd stand in the backyard and sing and dance and blow and wave our arms for ten minutes at a time urging a leaf to fall. And then the chase was on. Bree can run quite fast. Well, faster than me that is. But after an hour she still hadn't caught one. That honor finally went to me. A bright yellow leaf floated my way and other than stepping on Bree's toe on my way to catch it, no one was hurt. 'Twas a lovely day.
2010.0424:   Today Bree taught me about diamante poems.


A diamante poem is a poem in the shape of a diamond. Each line uses specific types of words, like adjectives and -ing words. It does not have to rhyme.
Then, she made up this example. Notice that the color changes when the words switch from describing the top word to the bottom word.
2009.1209:   Knock, Knock ... Interrupting Pig! (audio)

2009:   Today I picked up Bree for our kid-sitting session. On the way back to our house, she told me this joke.
Bree on Candy

2009:   Bree and I were watching TV. Bree's sweet tooth kicked in and I was treated to two memorable moments.
2009.0412:   Family Photos (audio)

2009:   Remember how proud you used to be when you could point to all the people in your family photo albums and say their names. That's Uncle Bill and Aunt Mona and Remi and Sean and on and on. After the Seder, Brianna was fascinated with the photos Kate keeps on Bubby Schwartz's long, black table. She was showing me how well she recognized everyone's picture. But then she came to the photo of Nina and the earlier (thinner) version me.
Let's Play "GO FISH"

2008:   Brianna taught me more than just how to play this game.
2008.0426:   Who took your purple backpack? (audio)

2008:   Brianna's backpack was missing. I tried to help her solve the crime.

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