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2017.0128 Swing Dance
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The Commodore Barry Club ballroom when it's all dressed up.

Mary Jane's
This was a Philadelphia Swing Dance Society event. I arrived at the club at 5:45 to help with the setup. Jim asked me to setup 10 tables and chairs to accommodate 150 people. At 7:00 about 60 people arrived for the beginner's lesson. An hour later the rest of the crowd arrived and the dancing began. There were a bit more than 100 people, almost an even match of men and women. And nearly everyone danced every dance - there were no wall flowers. Couples switched constantly. The ages ranged from mid 20s to early 70s. But the way couples paired up, age didn't matter. There was a very pleasant rapport.

2017.0326 Swing Dance
These videos feature a young lady named Sophie. Sophie is five feet small and weighs a whisper. I watched her dancing over the course of the evening. Her dancing style is unorthodox, impromptu, and hypnotizing. She dances with the energy of a happy puppy. When she turns under her partner's arm she twirls on one leg and often completes two or three complete rotations in one spin. Her footwork is like a graceful bird practicing ballerina moves. I told her she reminded me of my cousin Bonnie and how I used throw Bonnie when we jitterbugged. And she said, "Okay, let's try it." And so we did it. I was 16 years old all over again. Wow!

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