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NameGame #10 - The Will Shortz Puzzles

Every week, a million and a half people tune in to National Public Radio's Weekend Edition(R) Sunday to hear Will Shortz, "The Puzzlemaster," present his on-air puzzles and weekly challenges. Presented here for the first time in visual form is a sampling of Will's best word puzzles from NPR.
NameGame #09 - Sounds Like

What word or phrase do these pictures bring to mind? Think of these pictures as if they were "Sounds Like" clues in charades. In some cases you'll have to change the sound of the first letter looking for a rhyming sound or word.
NameGame #08 - Song Titles

Can you guess the song title represented by these picture clues?
NameGame #07 - Actors

Name these actors and actresses.
NameGame #06 - Montage

Think of a color, then Think of a thing! Name that thing!
NameGame #05 - Nouns

Consider all the pictures in the montage, then... Name the Noun.
(Hint: they're all in alphabetial order)

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