Karaoke at JD McGillicuddy's in Roxborough

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20181127 Yale & Marybeth singing Picture

Check it out

20181030 Halloween at McG in 2018

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20181011 Yale's head is always buried in his PC

But when Barb sang "Hey Girl," he finally looked up.

20181002 Stephanie & Barbara singing a duet

20180925 Tom & Yale focus on finding their next tune

20180918 Stephanie's Birthday and more

Jessie presenting the cake to Stephanie

Two Angels - Annie and Barbara

Diego on bongos

PJ and Yale singing Nevertheless

20180605 Yale Singing the Banana Boat Song

Yale gets the crowd to join him - check it out here

20180227 Yale & Diego having an argument

Oh Darling - check it out here

20180130 Two Special Treats

Yale generated the video for this tune
Yale's Karaoke Video

"Them There Eyes"
Here's Yale singing and dancing with Donna

20170919 Happy Birthday to Stephanie

20170613 Reserved Table for the Regulars
For the past three weeks the crowd at McG's has been increasing with folks from Verizon. Tonight the place was packed to such a degree, I got the last spot in the parking lot. As I worked my way through the crowd I worried whether or not I'd have a place to sit. But when I got to the Karaoke area, I was greeted with a warm feeling. Three tables had Reserved signs on them. Mine said, "Reserved for Yale Schwartz."

2017.0404 Marlene & Debbie are Leaving on a Jet Plane

2017.0321 Rich sings a tribute to Chuck Berry
Listen to "School Days"

2017.0307 Photo of the Week
Annie, Erika, Marlene, and Debbie singing "We Are Family"

2016.1104 Photo of the Week
Barbara & Diego singing "Wild Wild Life"

2016.0907 Photo of the Week
Liz surrounded by her adoring fans

2016.0525 It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Listen to "It's PBJ Time"

2016.0504 STARWARS - Photo of the Week
May the Fourth Be With You

2016.0427 Photo of the Week
Sharing the spotlight
Yale & Barb did a great duet singing "Picture"
And Nate Dawg knocked it out of the park singing "At This Moment"

2016.0330 Photo of the Week
Liz & The King - always a treat when they sing together

2016.0327 EXTRA Photo of the Week
Don and Joan (we miss you) - this is even better than Karaoke

2016.0323 Photo of the Week
Marlene, Stephanie, and Erika sing The Beatles

Listen to the Fancher Family
Vote for the Fancher Family

Listen to the Karaoke Regulars
Vote for the Karaoke Regulars

2016.0316 Photo of the Week
Rafael and fans

2016.0224 Photo of the Week
Barb drafted Yale into singing "Wild Horses"

2015.1230 Photo of the Week
Happy Birthday, Annie

2015.1209 Photo of the Week

Mr. Grinch
Joe C provided an R rated performance

2015.1202 Photos of the Week
We had quite a crowd tonight - that's quite, not quiet!

2015.1118 Photo of the Week

2015.1028 Halloween Photos

2015.1021 Photo of the Week
Barbara consoles Yale for singing sad songs

2015.1014 Photo of the Week
Jamie and Yale sang two similar songs

Jamie singing "Strawberry Wine"

Yale singing "That Summer"

2015.1007 Performance of the Year
Multi-talented Chuck entertained us


He performed Piano Man including the harmonica part

And then he made balloon bracelets for the ladies.

2015.1002 Photo of the Week
Friday night, on my way to Murphy's

Went to Murphy's for Karaoke. It's on Henry Avenue in Roxborough. Arrived at 8:00 PM. I parked across the street and had to cross Henry Avenue to get to Murphy's. It was dark and raining. So, despite the red light, I looked both ways and decided to cross as no cars were in sight on my left and the car to my right was more than a block away. As I started walking I realized Henry Avenue is a very wide street (4 lanes) so I picked up my pace. When I reached the center of the road I checked the traffic to my right and saw a car COMING DIRECTLY AT ME. It was less than 10 feet away. He must have been traveling 60 miles an hour. I had only enough time to take one step forward and fortunately he swung into the 3rd lane (lucky there was no oncoming traffic). He missed me by inches.
"Be careful crossing streets, ooh, ooh" - maybe I'll sing that at my next Karaoke session.

2015.0930 Photo of the Week
Couples enticed to dance by Rafael's song

2015.0916 Photo of the Week
Happy Birthday, Tony

2015.0909 Photos of the Week
Stephanie and Gordon doing "Bring Me to Life"

Gordon and Molly doing "Man of Constant Sorrow"

2015.0826 Photo of the Week
Sam, Yale, and Michael 'avin a chat

2015.0812 Photo of the Week
Carmella, Barbara, Justin

2015.0722 Photos of the Week

Life is a Cabaret
She's Back!

2015.0708 THEME of the Week
These 3 songs provide clues ... can you guess the THEME SONG

And this is the THEME SONG

2015.0624 Photo of the Week
Skylar and Chris were our special guests
Click the links below to hear how special they are.



2015.0513 Photo of the Week
Greg & Yale provided their rendition of "Cover of the Rolling Stone"
To hear it for yourself, click here


2015.0408 Photo of the Week
Eric & Elisa rock the house with Bohemium Rapsody

2015.0408 John, Barbara, and Yale

2015.0311 Yale singing "I Like It, I Love It"

2015.0128 Banita & Yale - "We've Got Tonight"

Listen to them sing

2015.0121 Yale & The Jay Birds

Jay Bird's playlist

2014.1217 Two of Our Newest Singers

Yale and Heather


2014.1203 Esther and Yale ...
"I Remember It Well"

2015.0107 Barbara and Yale ...
"It's Cold Outside"

2014.0423 Karaoke performance enhanced

2014.0402 Our Youngest Karaoke Star

When I arrived, a young couple was sitting in the Karaoke area with their baby Matthew. Krystal turned the speakers down for the sake of the baby. And I sang "Dream a Little Dream" in the softest tones I could muster. The song ends with a bunch of Da Da Das instead of lyrics and it occurred to me that Matthew might be able to say Da Da. So, I tried handing him the microphone, but he preferred singing into his sleeve.

2014.0321 Karaoke Night at Murphy's Tavern
My Karaoke crowd ... and Kathleen's shoes

2014.0312 Girl-Fan shoots Yale singing "Some Beach"
Allison's camera had a mind of its own and clicked off three quick photos.

2013.1113 Just another night of Karaoke frolics
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Happy Halloween ... the Karaoke Party
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Yale doesn't just sing, he performs
Click each of the 6 photos below and see for yourself.

John and Carmella were inspired to dance

Grace joined the fun while Yale sang ...

A group of new-comers arrived just as I began singing, "I Just Want to Dance with You."
Next thing you know I was "twirling Grace across the floor" while continuing to sing.

Jim and Yale performing the Blues Brothers

Do you love me ... Do you love me ... Do you love me ... Now that I can dance

Head Shots of our OLD Karaoke Crew

Mark and his wife Dawn run the Karaoke business
As you can see, Mark doesn't sing

This is Dawn ...
Can you believe it - she's married to Mark!

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