KARAOKE at JD McGillicuddy's in Roxborough
Tuesday, 8:30PM - Midnight

473 Leverington Ave ... 267-335-2672

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20190305 Happy Birthday, Barb

Listen to 'em sing

Crem De La Sound is our Karaoke Crew

Stephanie is one of our new DJs
Stephanie's current playlist

Travis is the other DJ

Click each playlist below to hear all the songs by that person.
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Jim and Barbara - they're a great duet

Yale - an entertaining performer
Yale's current playlist
Yale's playlist

Don's a big guy with a mellow voice
Don's playlist

John's a little guy with a big voice
John's playlist

Krystle is our old DJ - she's got a powerful voice
Krystle's playlist

This is Ali - pretty smile, pleasant voice
Ali's playlist

Jamie and Yale
Jamie's playlist

Barbara and Carmella - another great duo
Barbara and Carmella's playlist

Elbert - authentic soloist
Elbert's playlist

Camera shy singers
Aaron's playlist
Eric's playlist
Jeff's playlist

Banita's playlist
Brian's playlist
Dar's playlist
Dianne, Renee's playlist
Jessie's Bobbie McGee

If it sounds like Sinatra, it's Joe
Joe's playlist

Dan holds our attention with his song choices
Dan's playlist

You'll enjoy the smooth sound of Chris
ChrisF's playlist

Jim H - my theater friend
JimH's playlist

Jarrod owns the song "Friends in Low Places"
Jarrod's playlist

Barb's rendition of Unchained Melody is fantastic
Barb's playlist

Rafael's Unchained Melody is fantastic
Rafael's playlist
Rafael's videos on YouTube

Ray did great with "Friends in Low Places"
Ray's playlist

Tony & Mona are a great couple, but the sing separately
Tony's playlist
Mona's playlist

Greg does a fine job singing rock tunes that no one else has dared
Greg's playlist

Charles come back - we like to hear you sing
Charles's playlist

Chelsea only sings for us once in a while
Chelsea's playlist

Jennifer's playlist
MaryKay's playlist

Ken's got a mellow voice
Ken's playlist

Chris really gets his voice out in front of the music
Chris's playlist

Eric and Elisa made a big hit with us
Eric&Elisa's playlist

Shannon raised the roof with her Etta James style
Shannon's playlist

Lizzie sang one of my favorite songs
Lizzie's playlist

Skylar's got a sweet, melodic voice
Skylar's playlist

Chris's low voice works wondersh
Chris's playlist

Diego numbers are always entertaining
Diego's playlist

Justin's a bit of a pro, used to sing in a band
Justin's playlist

Andrew did great with songs from "O Brother"
Andrew's playlist

Jessica did a fantastic job on "Piece of My Heart"
Jessica's playlist

Russell sings interesting tunes, and does 'em well
Russell's playlist

Big Al does "Three Times a Lady" like a pro
BigAl's playlist

Chuck is a fabulous performer
Chuck's playlist

ChrisM sings like a pro ... wait ... he is a pro
ChrisM's playlist

Sam and Michael are singing buddies
Sam's playlist

Michael and Sam are singing buddies
Michael's playlist

They sound like professional musicians
Bri & Irv's playlist

Laura brightened the evening with Mr. Brightside
Laura's playlist

The mighty, the magical, the lyrical duo
Listen to Liz & The King's playlist

Mike & Linda sing my kind of oldies
Mike & Linda's playlist

Brian does great with "Cat's in the Cradle"
BrianC's playlist

Kelly stole a "Piece of My Heart"
Kelly's playlist

Gordon often teams up with sister Molly
Gordon's playlist

And this is sister Molly
Molly's playlist

Annie's got a unique singing style
Annie's playlist

An exciting group of young singers
MeltingPot's playlist

Marlene's energy enhances her singing style
Marlene's playlist

Young man with a big voice
DanX's playlist ...OR... TRY THIS for your phone

Lady with a lovely voice
LindaP's playlist

Jess did a great job with Proud Mary
JessicaM's playlist

Mr. Bartender ... Brian
Brian's playlist

The voice that launched a thousand ships
Sarah's playlist

This lady displays emotion with every song
Ashley's playlist

She's good enough to be on "The Voice"
Megan's playlist

Sorry to say I missed seeing you perform
Allison's playlist

Could be the next VOICE star.
Amanda's playlist

Quality singer ... hope to hear you again
Ryan's playlist

Laura dedicated "Beneath My Wings" to her Mom
LauraG's playlist

A lovely voice, a star is born
Tika's playlist

Nate's voice is so pure it captures your attention
NateDawg's playlist

StephR is easy to listen to
StephR's playlist

Ben's a new singer, hope to see him again
Ben's playlist

Welcome Audrey, we enjoy your singing
Audrey's playlist

Steve does a Rebel Yell like no one else
Steve's playlist

Charlie Brown - sounds like Sinatra, only better
Charliebrown's playlist

Emily impressed us with her very first song
Emily's playlist

Wade and Aimee - lovely couple, two good voices
Wade's playlist
Aimee's playlist

Richie singing Heartbreak Hotel
Richie's playlist

Christine is an entertaining songtress
Christine's playlist

Jordan sings some edgy tunes
Jordan's playlist

Buddy sings like he means it
Buddy's playlist

Grace enjoys singing duets with Yale
Grace's playlist

Kathleen puts her heart and soul in her songs
Kathleen's playlist

Ryne has a refreshing style
Ryne's playlist

BarbaraR & Sharon present some interesting tunes
BarbR's playlist

Marty looks like a Sultan of Swing
Marty's playlist

Nicky & Kyle, two ladies from Detroit
Detroit's playlist

Hammer's smooth voice fits well with his songs
Hammer's playlist

Dallas likes to sing the blues
Dallas's playlist

Reenie hits high notes with a smooth and solid tone
Reenie's playlist

Sorry, but I missed Nick's performance
Nick's playlist

Kim - powerful voice, great performance
Kim's playlist

Jacqueline's voice is easy to listen to
JacquelineU's playlist

MollyX what's your last name?
MollyX's playlist

Lady J - name is like Lady Day
LadyJ's playlist

Welcome to AmandaA and her guitar
AmandaA's playlist

Jas has a refreshing sound and style
Jas's playlist

Here's Kerry, she ought to sing more often
Kerry's playlist

Tory has a strong voice and a sweet style
Tory's playlist

Shawn, a young man with an old (mature) voice
Shawn's playlist

Joe has a powerful voice and wide range
JoeO's playlist

Anthony sings with a young man's vitality
Anthony's playlist

Lloyd's a singer with creds
Lloyd's playlist

Her name is simply T
T's playlist

Here's Jared singing Superstition
Jared's playlist

Caitlin sang Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
Caitlin's playlist

Gigi song choices are great favs
Gigi's playlist

Jenn is part 1 of the new gang
Jenn's playlist

Kristin is part 2 of the new gang
Kristin's playlist

Tessa and Heather sing nicely together
Tessa's playlist

Lauren sang "Mama's Broken Heart"
Lauren's playlist

Trish sang "I Try"
Trish's playlist

AllisonW sang "Like a Bird" but better than a bird
AllisonW's playlist

AndrewD sang O Darlin' - hope he does it again
AndrewD's playlist

JoeB sets the bar high for us (he's a pro)
JoeBarr's playlist

Chip & PJ a great couple (also pros)
Chip&PJ's playlist

Bill may be wild, but his songs are smooth
WildBill's playlist

Frankie's voice brings back the 1950s sound
Frankie's playlist

GregB's playlist

Rick brings enormous energy with his songs
Rick's playlist

TomH's playlist

Marissa's playlist

Becca is someone's sister, but her voice is her own
Becca's playlist

Kameron's a pro, with a PRO-found finish
Kameron's playlist

Latoya lovely ladyk lovey voice
Latoya's playlist

JoeW finally put down his book and sang a song
JoeW's playlist

Connor sings and dances with great courage
Connor's playlist

RayC - a young new talent
RayC's playlist

LadyBelle brings us a delightful new voice
LadyBelle's playlist

And this is Kristina - with a Greek K
Kristina's playlist

Mark with a "k" does not mean Kark
Mark's playlist

JohnR - send me your photo
JohnR's playlist

Andrew gives great harmony
AndrewH's playlist

Welcome, Katie, come back soon
Katie's playlist

Charlie is my 95 year old neighbor
Charlie's playlist

Who will be our next new face?
NextFace's playlist

Who will be our next new face?
NextFace's playlist

Who will be our next new face?
NextFace's playlist

6080 Ridge Avenue . . . Roxborough, PA 19128
(267) 900-5060
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Jim and JohnB singing Country Road
and the crowd joins in

Karaoke at Amber Inn on 20151219
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