Sarah's Bday at the Tea House

08/09/2007 Sarah chose to visit the Japanese Tea House in Fairmount Park for her Birthday with Zeyda gift. Here are pictures of the tea house, the waterfall, the bonzai tree, and the bridge.

The Japanese Tea House

The Waterfall

The Bonzai Tree

The Bridge

Sarah (No Shoes) - The Trouble Maker

.....Before entering the Japanese Tea House, we had to remove our shoes. If we weren't wearing socks, there were paper slippers we'd have to put on. Not a problem; we had socks. In the back room of the house there was a door open to the outside and Sarah decided to step off the porch and take a walk in the garden. This didn't make sense to me since she'd get dirt on her socks and wouldn't be allowed to re-enter the house.
.....Before I could complete my warning, Sarah was already out walking on the stone path explaining, "But the door was open." Just as I stepped onto the stone walk, an attendant spotted me and said, "Oh, sir! You mustn't do that. Please stay where you are. Since you stepped outside in your socks, you'll have to put on paper slippers before you can go back inside."
.....Sarah hid around the corner so she wasn't spotted outside in her socks. Now there's a checkmark on my permanent record.

"Mr Monk, please forgive me"

Sarah the Puzzle Solver and the Sundial

Can you see the faded inscription around the edge of this Sun Dial? It is so faded, I couldn't even tell if it was written in English. However, Sarah decided to figure it out. She traced the indentations one letter at a time, and slowly started to make sense of the message. With my help, recognizing for example that the letter V was often used in old engravings in place of the rounded letter U, we figured out the message.

Click here to see and hear (Save file to desktop, then play it.)
... the message read poorly
... the message read correctly

Hover over the Sun Dial to see the message.

The Sound of One Tree Falling

Have you ever heard ???
..... "the sound of one hand clapping" or
..... "a tree falling with no one to hear it"

As we were leaving the park, we had this exotic experience!

Click here for the sound of (Save file to desktop, then play it.)
... "One Tree Falling"


I offer no explanation, but we did get a picture.

"Ghost Horses"


And for a final birthday treat, we went to 4th and South Street in Philly so Sarah could taste her first ever cheese steak from Jim's Steak.

Happy Birthday, Sarah in 2007
It was a pleasure spending the day with you.

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Copyright Yale Schwartz, 2007