Dear cast members and crew,

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.  Brief as it was, it got me out of the house and I completely enjoyed hearing your life stories.  Thank you for listening to mine (especially Just Steve and Richard and Elisa).  We shared this unique experience together, so I send a special thanks to Karol for the original idea that made it all possible (Heart and Soul, I fell in love with you).

Thank you all.  What a marvelous experience this was.
Hope you all got home safely.  The heavy rain caused me a bit of trouble.  Car ran thru a giant puddle and stalled out leaving me in the left lane on Route 676.  Repeated attempts to start the car failed.  So, (thanks kids for my cell phone) I called 911.  The police car pushed me off to the shoulder of the road.  I called AAA and bought a year's membership (yippee for my AARP discount).  Then, just before placing the call for tow service, I tried starting the car again, and it worked.
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... i remain, yale schwartz