Irish lengend of Jack O'Lantern

This film is the brain child of
Karol Escobar. Based on an Irish
legend, the story explains the
origin of the Jack O'Lantern.

The Location

Quick Pics for some of the Players
More pics and better pics will be posted as soon as I get them

Ellis Walding as Jack

Beverly Rivera as The Angel of Death

David Ferrier as Demon1

John DiRenzo as Demon2

Kyle Barkasi as Pride

Pauly as Gluttony

Karol Escobar in church

Larry Ledrich as the old man

some of the undead

more of the undead

someone's in the church

Yale Schwartz as the undead daddy

Click the pic to hear Karol say those "Three Little Words"

crew in the rain

horse and buggy

David Ulrich; a demon in the graveyard

Send me more pics

Selected frames where I appear
To see the whole video, click this link ... the movie

AHE - cemetery scene at 7:31

AHE - cemetery scene at 7:48

AHE - cemetery scene at 8:12

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